‘Eaton’ (C. mollissima × C. crenata × C. dentata) is a “favorite eater” among chestnut consumers (M. Gold and M. Nave, personal communication). Its characteristics are predominantly of C. mollissima, and its nuts (12–13 g) have excellent flavor, raw or roasted. The cultivar originated from a seedling given to Frederick Eaton (Wallingford, CT) by Arthur Graves (Jaynes, 1970), and it is thought to be an OP seedling of ‘Sleeping Giant’. Delayed graft failure has been noted, even to a degree in Missouri.

‘Eaton River’ (C. mollissima × C. crenata × C. dentata) is presumably a seedling of ‘Eaton’ propagated and sold as grafted trees by John Brittain at Nolin River Nut Tree Nursery.