‘Kyoung’ (C. mollissima) is a bud sport from the C. mollissima cultivar ‘Bess’. ‘Bess’ (an OP seedling of ‘Beth’) is not a very productive tree; it produces irregularly shaped nuts of variable size. ’Kyoung’, however, has regularly shaped, consistently large nuts. ‘Kyoung’ nuts also have better flavor. Nuts and scion from ‘Kyoung’ have been provided to growers broadly. Grafts and seedlings of ‘Kyoung’ are exceptionally vigorous and somewhat upright (Nave, 2017). Multiple growers from different environments note that ‘Kyoung’ offspring are their tallest and most vigorous. Greater evaluations in the East and Midwest are needed. ‘Kyoung’ ramets were introduced to the UMCA repository in 2020.